Reflex charity

I am trying to do charity as a reflex. Small change helps in this regard. I save some cents for myself and the rest goes into the car. Boston’s streets are patrolled by the homeless. They shake cups at commuters as they wait for a green light. What a simple reflex I could make, an automatic lifting of the hand through my window to drop a few coins in their cups. I don’t have much to offer, but I know they’ll collect enough tonight for a warm cup of coffee or a donut.

I also decided to search my wallet and desk for old Dunkies gift cards. We all have them. We get them every year for Christmas and birthdays. How many of your old gift cards have just a few cents left on their account? Now is the time to recharge them. Drop five or ten bucks on that piece of unused plastic and hand it to a homeless person. Give them a meal. Give them a chance to survive. Charity should be a nationwide response program as active as the war on terrorism or the reduction of the deficit. Until the day comes when our nation has a home and a job for everyone, I’m going to work on flexing my charity muscles.


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