Your cameras aren’t welcome here

Veterans were disturbed by CBS filming an episode of Hawaii-5-0 last week during a memorial service at Hawaii’s National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.  TV crews work on a timetable to air their programs. Veterans show up on a date to honor their dead friends and family. My solution to this incident? Stop filming on sacred ground.

Cemeteries retain our grief and memories. They contain the fallen. The logistical demands of moving a television crew onto a burial site are nothing compared to the sacrifice, the very essence, of those interred. Hey, the remake of Hawaii 5-0 is a decent show. But getting a camera crew, interns, equipment trucks, cables and cameras onto a national cemetery is a hell of a lot worse than chewing gum in front of Grant’s Tomb or talking at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Our respect forms a buffer zone around all sacred ground.


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