Breakfast openers

Breakfast is a dear friend of mine. We go way back. How can you frown on a big breakfast? That’s part of my heritage! Dad bought me the McDonald’s flapjacks on a Saturday morning before we got the car fixed. Nana used to serenade me with waffles right out of a hefty grid-iron press. In my college years, I waltzed into the diner for a delicious serving of bacon and eggs. That’s what life is all about. . . an Epicurean twirly slide into daybreak deliciousness. I’ve since taken to tweaking that tradition with little breakfast recipes of my own.

Pocket breakfast burritos

You’ll need:  2 eggs, 1-2 strips of bacon, tortilla wraps, shredded cheese (optional)

1. Cook up your bacon anyway you please. If you want to make candy bacon, use a pan in the oven. Make sure the strips are nice and crispy. Just don’t be a goofball like I am and hastily drain them on paper towels — I was peeling paper off my glorious bacon.

2. Scramble eggs. I like to add a dash of pepper. Toss ’em in the frying pan and scramble the crap out of ’em. Add a sprinkle of shredded cheese.

3. Heat up your torilla wraps. Five seconds each side in a pan or 12 seconds nuked in the microwave.

4. Put your eggs and crushed bacon pieces in the torilla and wrap ’em up. Cover them in tin foil if you want a meal on the road! You won’t be disappointed.

Optional:  candy bacon will bring sweetness to your pocket burrito. In lieu of sugar-coated glory, I often add a little bit of salsa for a kick!

Have you had a breakfast burrito that leaves mine to shame? Drop a comment below!


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