Wrap ’em up

Dmitri was treated like a god in my last workplace. He ran the sub shop downstairs but was practically on the company payroll. We loyal customers waited patiently for that delicious sandwich which defines the line between workday lunacy and lunchtime tranquility. In my mind, his signature pieces were the wraps. They were huge suckers as big as my forearm. He tucked in the wraps like they were bandages in a triage station. My wraps are amateur nonsense compared to his works of art, but I did borrow one of his ideas for one of my noontime favorites.

Hummus-Tabouli wrap

You’ll need:  several spoonfuls of hummus (any flavor) and several spoonfuls of tabouli salad (nicely diced or chunky). I say any flavor of hummus, but I must stress against the garlic variety. What was I thinking when I bought garlic hummus? That’s not imitation garlic. That’s not a dash of garlic powder. That’s the Manhattan Project of garlic. Mix it in and you’ve got an afternoon full of explanations for your coworkers. When your boss hands you a cough drop, you know you’ve made a tactical error.

1. Unfurl your wrap like a sail on HMS Victory. Don’t be afraid. Rectangular or large-diameter circle wraps fit the most on your sandwich. Triangle wraps are just plain silly.

2. Spread hummus on that wrap like it was spackle on your wall. Don’t hold back! Hummus is the food adhesive of my dreams. I’m going to use it for everything. Hell, this could be a replacement for Liquid Nails.

3. Slide a nice amount of tabouli over your hummus. Complicated procedure, ain’t it?

4. Roll your wrap in an easterly-westerly direction. Watch out for wrist cramps!

My coworker Oscar ramped up my wrap with some grilled vegetables. Nothing like pepper and onions in any sandwich! Of course, I’m a pickle fanatic, and pickles also deserve a home.

Drop a comment below! Where can I get the best wrap for my buck?


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