Faux Bowl is a tasty lunch

The Wife frequents an eatery by her office that features a dazzling medley of goodness in a single bowl. We can’t repeat the name of the venue or the tasty dish for fear of copyright, but my clever woman has duplicated the meal for public consumption. Thus, the dawn of the Faux Bowl. Pack your bags, friend. You’ve got a one-way ticket to Delish City.

The Faux Bowl

What you’ll need:  red kidney beans, sliced black olives, boneless chicken breast, brown rice, taco sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, and sour cream.

1. Cook the chicken like the chicken deserved it.

2. Cook the beans and rice in whatever order that suits you!

3. Shred the chicken. The Wife broke it down into bite-sized pieces that matches your basic BBQ pulled chicken. My mouth is now watering. . . .

4. Grab yourself a fancy bowl. Toss in the chicken, rice, beans, olives, and a spoonful of taco sauce. Mix them ingredients, partner!

5. Now comes the toppings:  sprinkle on the cheese and add a dollop of sour cream. I mixed in a spoonful of chunky salsa because I can’t live without salsa.

We bypassed lunch and enjoyed the Faux Bowl as supper in our secret underground kitchen laboratory. There was plenty leftover for lunch the next day! You won’t be disappointed! My Wife is an evil genius.

Please add your comments below! Can this Bowl of Total Awesomeness be improved upon?


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