Attack of the zombie coffee!

Zombies are all about organic products.

Day-old coffee shouldn’t be tossed down the drain like motor oil or plutonium. Perish the thought! Day-old coffee should be experimented on like a zombie, its vitals preserved over ice, and served in a tastefully adequate manner by morning. This keeps you from going berserk after your first round of emails. (Do I drink too much coffee? Did Hasbro work on both Barbie and Kim Kardashian?)

1 Day-Old Iced Coffee (Project No. 1DOI, “Zombie” blend)

What you’ll need:  chilled semi-fresh coffee from yesterday, ice cubes (sans penguins), and sweetener or creamer (optional)

1. Remove zombie coffee from the morgue or the fridge, whichever is closest to you. Imagine yourself as the kooky doctor from Fringe.

2. Pour over ice, preferably in an insulated travel mug to sustain the 1DOI charm.

3. Mix in your creamer or sweetener if desired. My boss loves to add a splash of cinnamon to our daily blend, which does wonders to the taste buds!

Planning a vacation? Save up on your 1DO coffee in a carafe or thermos and store it in a cooler. You’ll save some money on Dunkies or Starbucks, although their iced coffees easily dwarf my 1DOI creation. No matter. . . back to the secret laboratory!


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