Let Freedom Ring


Today is to be savored. Election Day is a critical moment when Americans can be truly thankful for their freedom. When the dust settles tomorrow, a person will be selected to lead our nation for a finite term—not a dynasty. Our government has not forced you to vote for this candidate, and there will be no bloody coup to support the claims of the loser. The winner will be sworn into office with a solemn oath, and made accountable for fulfilling or rejecting that oath. You will witness this on television free of political censors. When the leader takes office, you will not be forced to worship him, speak highly of him in any setting, or teach your children to adore him. You may even spend a lifetime speaking poorly of that leader. Police will not arrest you.

Let me stand in the longest line on the coldest night to cast my vote. I will do so willingly and proudly, for this is my country, and these are my freedoms. We remember what we have sacrificed, and what we are willing to sacrifice, to maintain them. Let freedom ring!


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