A Healthy Medley In Technicolor

20121215-145844.jpgSomewhere under my rough exterior is a wrap master trying to escape. I think I was raised as a wrapper in a previous life, maybe in a secret cave, trained in the art of combining hummus and a wheat wrap in perfect, Zen-like harmony. And while I have not mastered the ideal folding technique that ensures a structurally intact sandwich, I am still a humble wrap student on the road to wrap bliss.

This afternoon I assembled a vibrant array of lunch items, including a wheat wrap with red pepper hummus, baby carrots, cottage cheese, and Christmas-colored tortilla chips. I wanted to finish the deal with a green apple but it wouldn’t fit on the plate. But that’s the risk you take as a wrap master in training. Sometimes the hummus spills out or you employ a defective wrap. Either way, you still get to devour a colorful lunch and feel good for sparing your intestines from another cheese pizza.

Damn, I could really go for a pizza right about now.


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