Poetry Day 2: The Heroes


This challenge from National Poetry Writing Month to pen 30 poems in 30 days will probably drive me insane. Having never written much poetry, I admit that this is harder than I thought. And we’re only on Day Two. . . .

Bring back the heroes

We lament the loss of heroes

who never came back from the field,

and we scream their names in theaters

but our wounds have never healed.

Goose bit the big one before Maverick hit the drink,

while Agent Coulson got run through with Loki’s glowing stick.

Obi-Wan decided to retire in a fight,

but Yoda took an easy out and faded in the night.

Don’t talk to me ’bout Boromir or the death of good King Theoden,

I’m still a little choked over Wash’s abrupt impalement.

We desire better fates for Ripley, Newt and Bishop,

But the writing room is a killing field where good figures can’t develop.

Resurrect the heroes! What’s a sequel here or there?

Until you raise them from the dead, movies are a dull and sad affair.


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