Napoleon Calls It Quits


IMG_NapoleonI doubt it was easy to put Napoleon Bonaparte out to pasture. Yet on April 11, 1814, the most brilliant military strategist of the day was forced by an angry Europe to abdicate the French throne. He had once gone into early retirement after his withered forces returned from Russia. Now he was shipped off to the island of Saint Helena for permanent residence. The general planted a legacy that meant a great deal to military history:  a practice of mobility, artillery and self-sustained corps that surely influenced future commanders like Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, Stonewall Jackson, William T. Sherman and James Longstreet. But Napoleon was also responsible for the greatest strife ever seen on the European continent, and something not surpassed until World War One. Like that horrific war, his campaigns and conflicts transformed everything in sight. Napoleon Bonaparte died in 1821. I once viewed his death mask at the British Museum, but words cannot aptly describe the power behind the still features of this indomitable figure.


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