This Is My City


IMG_BostonOnce in a while, a Coast Guard helicopter flies over Boston Harbor on morning patrol. I like to watch the red and white aircraft from my office window. But yesterday morning, things were rather different. The pilot flew in slow, careful circles over the city. I could hear the sound of the rotors from a distance. Today, the chopper has returned to city airspace after a bomb threat was called in at the federal courthouse. The Coast Guard’s trained response is identical to that of every police officer, state trooper, and national guardsman this week in Boston:  protect the people and protect the city. I am very proud and thankful for their efforts in a town that has shown its hardiness and true spirit. They encourage me to be stronger and vigilant. This is my town, and I won’t let fear bring it down.


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  1. Charlie McAlpine says:

    you’re not alone from the way the Garden sang the National Anthem last night. We are a tough group who will never be overwhelmed. We are Patriots for God’s sake. “It’s unanimous – we all have cojones”

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