Adventures In Compost


Yesterday I added compost to our garden box for the very first time. It seemed appropriate to make compost even if I didn’t do well with gardening:  I wanted Mother Nature to reclaim what didn’t have to end up in a landfill. A simple plastic bin—punctured for drainage and weighted down for pests—did the trick. Banana peels, tomatoes, apples, berries, onion peels, and the occasional pile of leaves and twigs all found a home there. I stirred the contents over the last two years and now have a moist, nutrient-rich additive for garden soil. I should have used this stuff much earlier!

Owning a compost bin is quite the learning experience! The bin is very heavy and should be moved yearly to protect the grass. Some items biodegrade faster than others in the bin. I’ve only recently learned that breaking up organic waste quickens the process. Had I known this earlier, the egg shells and peanuts I added would have been long gone. Oranges are apparently on the fence; some say they do well if properly broken up, but you probably shouldn’t use a crate full of clementines. My next step is to look into worms that live inside compost bins, feeding on food waste to accelerate the process.

I never thought I would post about compost in my blog, but I feel the effort has merit!


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