Microwaving Eggs Was A Bad Idea

For the re20130508-075311.jpgcord, I am pretty darn good about making a microwave poached egg. It’s all in the timing, you see. Well, that and the paper towel carefully applied over the dish as a blast shield. The 30-second delicacy may not appeal to the masses, including my appalled wife. I’m fairly sure I belong to a small underground splinter cell that believes in radiated breakfast.

This morning’s adventure was not as successful. The recipe was microwave scrambled eggs. Yes, I know. I’m embarrassed enough for both of us, dear reader. Simple enough on paper: beat two eggs, add salt and pepper, a dash of milk, and nuke the bugger. Everything went according to plan. I even added shredded cheese and salsa for some extra flavor. But the end product was revolting. The eggs were of a dried consistency similar to asbestos. It was only as I wrote this post when I realized I missed a critical ingredient: the milk. But I’m not sure this venture would’ve succeeded even with the dairy factor. But no guts, no glory!

Have you any success with eggs in the big glowing box? Please let me know!



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