The One Spark

enhanced-buzz-4724-1372396592-2Although the Great War was ignited by many sources, Gavrilo Princip was the greatest spark of all. His youthful energy, polluted by confusion and a violent strain of idealism, is not unlike the churned history of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Both young men focused their attacks along a populated route at a busy event. Both were in possession of explosives and guns. And like Tsarnaev, Princip had nowhere to run when the bloody work was finished. Their dawning sense of fate was a tragic one in the wake of so much destruction. But unlike Tsarnaev, Gavrilo Princip helped trigger a horrific war that engulfed every nation on the continent and sacrificed millions. We have seen other sparks in history, and in all cases, the notion of chaos and hate had never settled on the ones responsible.


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