I Take iOS7 To A Bachelor Party


Bachelor parties are a superb time to test iOS7. This is a terrific example of iPhone useability in the nightlife, a portrait of the adrenaline-fueled human with an advanced mobile software. There are bugs and crashes in the new iOS7, but I’m confident the techie artisans of Apple will flatten them out in time. Yet from 8:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. on a lovely autumnal eve, I got a chance to try out a few of the system’s latest tricks.

1. Pass code. I admit that my one frustration with iOS7 is a crash that occurs before I enter my pass code. This requires a restart of the iPhone, and that’s not something you can do while driving on the highway. I haven’t found any forum comments on this issue, so a trip to the Genius Bar may be required!

2. Directions on foot. I told Siri to guide me to a bar in Massachusetts. She gave me the fastest route to Michigan. Voice-recognition is bound to have glitches and misunderstandings, but my home state of Massachusetts is verbally distinctive from the Great Lakes State. Multiple tries resulted in the same issue. Better luck next time, Siri!

3. Texting. The new text interface is colorful and enjoyable. When your buddies are guiding you to your next bar-hopping destination, texting is an essential tool. I’m glad to say I had no problems as I moved from my car to the subway to catch the action. A few updates to the missus never hurt, either.

4. Maps. I had to take a bus to the first bar, and the maps tool led me in the right direction. There’s something comforting about following the blue dot as it dances across your screen. But for twenty minutes, I was the idiot checking street signs and my screen at the same time. (After all these years on buses and subways, getting lost is always a source of humorous anxiety.)

5. Flashlight. A terrific feature on the iPhone turns on the camera flash as a makeshift flashlight. This was the best feature of the night, as it took me safely up a darkened alley to reach my car. Let there be light! In this case, I got plenty of it.

What are your recent observations of the new iOS7? Leave a comment below!


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