Special Forces Spend the Weekend In Africa


It was business as usual this weekend for U.S. Special Forces. U.S. Army Delta Force nabbed terrorism suspect Abu Anas al-Liby as he parked his car in Tripoli, while U.S. Navy SEALs tried unsuccessfully to bag an Al-Shabaab player from the Somali coast. Anas al-Liby is a suspect from the 1998 embassy attacks in Kenya and Tanzania. Al-Shabaab is the reigning terror club of the African continent, whose operatives wreaked havoc at the Westgate Mall in Kenya. One win, one loss—yet a decisive message to the terrorism community that U.S. forces are always on the hunt.

Americans are looking at a post-war evolution of the military in which the war doesn’t really end. Full-scale operations wind down and major forces in Afghanistan may pass regional control to local authorities. But the search for terrorists and affiliated scum is an ongoing process around the world. The real money is funneled into commandos, drones, spies, satellites, and foreign liaisons. Diplomatic officers in distant states will gather tips on baddies and a government’s permission to send U.S. birds into local airspace. There are always risks to this sort of future war, but after twelve years, it’s the only game in town.


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