Need A Story Idea For NaNoWriMo?


For fellow writers in a crunch for National Novel Writing Month, I am now offering free story ideas. They are yours to handle, but hey, if you strike it rich, just tell the good people where you found your story! None of that “While I was on the john” or “It came to me in a dream” nonsense. Trust me. This stuff is gold.

1. “The Paintball Diaries”. Wilma and Stacey abandon their bank teller jobs to start an all-night paintball arena. Little do they know that their customers are vampires, werewolves, and inebriated frat boys.

2. “We All Went To Philly“. Faced with economic ruin, the tiny nation of Lichtenthang packs up its citizens and starts anew in the sewers of Philadelphia.

3. “Queen Of The Slots“. After an accident that permanently attached her to the lever of a slot machine, Louise MacPherson becomes a permanent attraction in a Las Vegas casino.

4. “Mighty Troy“. Aliens invade planet Earth, and only fat, lazy Troy can do anything about it.

5. “Camaro“. The emotional tale of a 2014 Chevy Camaro as it moves from the assembly line and into the waiting arms of a dude.

6. “Insanity Index“. The story of a writer writing about a writer writing about a writer writing about a writer writing about a writer writing about a writer.

7. “Bob And The Trash Vortex“. Bob is worried when his garbage truck, the source of a super-dimensional vortex, nearly destroys Hartford.

8. “My Microscopic Adventure“. Valerie the Paramecium and her epic journey across the Petri dish.


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