It’s important to have a plan. Busy day tomorrow? No problem! I’ll turn in at a reasonable hour, get up early, exercise, and eat something with a generous amount of coffee. That makes the morning run smoothly, doesn’t it? I had decent commute, and as if to welcome me to Friday morning, all the radio personalities had funny jokes. I even got to work early with a great “can do” attitude.

Then, around noontime, I noticed that my zipper had been down since 8:30 a.m. Thank goodness for black pants and black flies. They blend in rather well. . . I hope.

Trouser philosophy is good for a man. Remember, fellas:  it can always go down from here. And that says a lot, coming from a writer who’s had two pairs of pants rip apart while on the job. (Not in the same day, of course.) And if zippers and seams don’t fail you, there are always buttons. As I finish this post, it’s worth noting that my favorite khakis have lost their button. With the assistance of a good belt, my pants are presently secured with a binder clip.


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