The Wonderful World of Scooters

Every adult should rekindle the joy of being a kid. For me, it came in the form of a kick scooter. I recently purchased a Fuzion CityGlide that feels wonderful to ride in the city, and I’ve soaked up the jealous glare of many a pedestrian. Well, the latter statement might be an exaggeration. . . .

The CityGlide looks like a larger version of the popular Razor, but has bigger wheels and a telescoping handlebar that easily accommodates an adult rider. The aluminum/steel frame folds down for transport on the train, bus, or car without much difficulty. Those yellow, over-sized wheels are key for crossing over bumps and cracks in the sidewalk or the occasional patch of sand. The deck feels stable underfoot and the handlebar feels durable. This all adds to the safety factor, paramount as the adult takes up his scooter to recapture his childhood. After all, he’s not a kid anymore and the city isn’t a playground.

The City of Boston, where I work, has added many bike lanes in the streets for the benefit of cyclists. That’s trouble enough for Boston drivers who have yet to fully co-exist with their two-wheeled counterparts. But these lanes are not good for kick scooters that lack the speed to keep up in traffic. The sidewalk is where scooters must remain. Therein lies the problem of pedestrians who clearly have the right of way. I’ve learned quickly to brake behind walkers and look for places to dart by, but there is something refreshing about finding an empty stretch of sidewalk that’s mine to own.

I’ll try to add more comments as I learn to “scoot” in the city, but for now, it’s awfully fun!


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