Drink Your Oatmeal, Kid


photoWelcome to the wonderful world of Mush. Hear me out, folks.

Only in America do we assume that our way is the only way. Oatmeal is the breakfast of choice for millions, but we do play around with the stuff. Over the years, we’ve modified the staple into instant packets and breakfast bars. Heck, you can even get oatmeal treatments at your local spa. But in other parts of the world, food is prepared differently.

Last week, a friend of mine from Guatemala told me that he liked to drink his oatmeal. Now, language barriers aside, I thought he was joking. Then he dumped some of my oatmeal into a pitcher, mixed it with water and some other ingredients, and offered me a refreshing change of mind. Back home, he calls it mush. Ye open-minded folke may read yonder:

Mush (What you’ll need)

  • A pitcher and stirring spoon
  • Quick oats, steel-cut oats, any kind of dry oatmeal
  • Brown sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • Water
  • Ice (optional)

At this point I should advise the reader that proportion is right out the window, since we added and added various ingredients to get the right flavor. Suffice to say, you should put more than a cup of oatmeal into the pitcher, add water, brown sugar, a dash of cinnamon, and start stirring until the beverage is properly mixed.

Ice was added to chill the mush, but you can also leave the pitcher in the fridge for an hour and come back, like in those neat cooking shows.

So guess what? You just made your oatmeal into a refreshing drink with a touch of sweetness. Did you give up oatmeal during the warm weather? Forget it. . . you’re a diehard oatmeal consumer. Thanks to mush, you’re living the dream.


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