Are you an explorer?


IMG_Question Mark_001One of the charming constants about our universe is that discovery is always subject to redefinition. This should never be a downer to the explorer, but a source of wonder to rekindle our spirit. Perhaps one day we will find that the human is the greatest curiosity of all.

You may have heard the news that scientists are interested in a theory that our reality retains the same physics and other natural laws we’re accustomed to, yet exists within a two-dimensional universe. To be precise, they’re talking about a hologram; not an artificial construct to confuse us, but rather a new kind of environment that handles information, and matter, in a slightly different way.

Having no scientific background, I’ve probably chewed up a basic description of this great Vox article on the subject. My point is that our reality is constantly distorted, cleaned up, rearranged, and presented to us at every stage of our lives. We were meant to explore reality using various interpretations. Our tools in this lifelong expedition were forged from our individual experiences, disciplines, senses, emotion, and reason. We may not be Hudson, Shackleton, or Darwin, but we all shared the same burden of discovery. . . that no matter what we find during the journey, we have made it that far, and have already changed.

I recall a tale of Prince Henry the Navigator, who listened to mariners who refused to sail near boiling waters on the equator. Henry’s ships made more than a dozen expeditions south and learned the truth about sea monsters, whirlpools, and boiling water. Anomalies and myth were broken down and redefined as the explorers moved forward.

When I was a kid, I was presented with a textbook on American history. The book was technically incomplete: in the last chapter, the United States had just entered the Second World War. Human lives are like such unfinished works, to be studied from within, full of notes and  personal experiences, and cherished as we explorers continue into the unknown. Armed with memory, reason, and wonder, we will find no greater adventure.


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