Ye Olde Home

I have learned to respect and love my newfound dwelling.

img_2362We recently moved into an 1805 New England colonial in remarkably good shape. I find it hard to believe that structures are built to outlive their occupants by a matter of centuries. I am certain this house will remain long after I have left this wonderful world. Some homes are much older than mine. My cousin lives in an amazing house that predates American independence. These structures are surely a credit to their original builders and stand among the most charming pieces of New England real estate.

I still can’t wrap my noggin around the fact that my lovely home was erected in 1805. Napoleon was in power in 1805. Admiral Nelson died at Trafalgar in 1805. That same year, U.S. Marines and Arab mercenaries campaigned in Tripoli while Lewis and Clark explored the wilderness of North America.

The former owners loved this place. They put a lot of effort into its upkeep. The original joists in the cellar, for instance, were replaced with pressure-treated wood. In springtime or summer I intend to work on the foundation, and we’ll likely slap a new coat of paint on the exterior siding by the following year.

Interior painting is a favorite activity of new homeowners. Lately I’ve dedicated my time to adding paint and primer to the living room. The carpentry that went into this room, including the adjacent vestibule and sitting room, is simply remarkable. I’m pleased to say that the new coat of white paint has given the place a whole new look.

The fireplace and mantle are in great shape, but the chimney is non-functional. In addition to our primary heating system, we’ll likely incorporate a smaller heating unit or insert to warm the living room. Christmas is just around the corner and I want this place to be perfect.

In the coming months I hope to add more content about my humble abode. As always, I welcome your comments!


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