Write, Damn You, Write!

Your 50,000 words aren’t gonna write themselves, you know.

img_2449National Novel Writing Month is my spinach. (Ask your parents if you don’t know the reference.) This is a fantastic challenge for writers to compose a 50,000-word novella in 30 days. You have from the beginning to the end of November to get the job done. What could be harder? What could be more challenging? Granted, ascending Everest is pretty hard. Running away from an alligator is also pretty challenging. But if you were busy climbing mountains or getting chased by reptiles, you’d have no time to be a writer. For the inexperienced novelist, now is your chance!

November 2016 sets the stage for my 11th NaNoWriMo. The event has always inspired me to write more and write often! Thanks to NaNoWriMo, I got off my arse, turned one of my novellas into a manuscript, and got it published. This is my Boston Marathon, and I train for it each and every year.

Why not take up the challenge? Even if you can’t finish by the deadline, keep hitting those keys! There is no better feeling for a writer than to put down the very last words of a story. Keep track of your progress, read excellent forums, and talk to other participants at the National Novel Writing Month site.

Enjoy the challenge! (Unless you’re getting chased by an alligator. In that case, run faster.)

Apologies to the readers for the disgusting state of my keyboard. I’ll clean it after Nat’l Novel Writing Month. God, I hope I don’t find mushrooms one day. . . .


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