Turn, Baby, Turn!


Rediscovering the record player is a treat, especially for Christmas!

fullsizerender-3My folks gave me a big stack of vinyl after they moved. “Put ’em on eBay and make some money,” they told me, but how could I get rid of them? After perusing their collection, I wanted to enjoy what they enjoyed on the old turntable. My folks owned an original Woodstock, plus a few nice John Denvers, and a copy of Abbey Road that belongs in a frame. Just before Thanksgiving, the Wife gifted our house with a $30 Victrola from the Christmas Tree Shop. Now I’ve joined the ranks who believe that records do sound better than compact discs, and certainly .mp3s!

My taste in music is all over the place. I like jazz, film scores, classical, and one-hit wonders. In recent years, I’ve gone back in time with Huey Lewis and the News. You’ll pardon the pun here. . . I love Back to the Future. There are other favorites in my collection from Boston, Toto, and the legendary Jerry Reed. (“East Bound and Down”, the linchpin to Smokey and the Bandit, makes an awesome ring tone.)

Thanks to my folks, I’m also treated to fantastic music from Simon & Garfunkel, Steppenwolf, and the Byrds. But there’s more in their collection, the music of Christmas that fills the living room and kitchen and makes my toddler dance with glee. In this season of cheer, I intend to feast on the Christmas sampler: Nat King Cole, Andy Williams, Robert Goulet, Perry Como, and some goofball named Bing Crosby. (Try not to smile after listening to the Bing Crosby/Louis Armstrong rendition of Gone Fishin’.)

The holiday season is a time for fond memories, catchy tunes, good food, and cozy traditions. In just a short time, we’re gifted with a moment of peace and the chance to appreciate the simple things in life.


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