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Duchess (September 2017)

41KY4hfrzOL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_DUCHESS is a deadly brand of alcohol falling into the hands of New Englanders. The year is 1926, and despite the laws of Prohibition, someone in the criminal underworld is willing to exploit, and destroy, their thirsty customers. After the mystery of Barleycorn Bay, Prohibition agent Johnny Quaid has grown weary of bootleggers and speak-easies. When he finds an empty bottle of Duchess on a dead man, he is determined to stop the producer. His mission will send him after a mysterious woman with a network of thriving marauders, and deep into her lair where the innocent are introduced to every kind of suffering. “Duchess” is the third novel by J.P. Burke and a sequel to 2015’s “Barleycorn Bay.”→ Click here to learn more!

Barleycorn Bay (2015)

screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-9-36-07-amThe year is 1925, and thirsty Americans are sneaking around Prohibition. Off the New England coast, rum-runners in fast boats deliver liquor to bootleggers and speakeasies from the ships on Rum Row. Federal officials in Boston must break this illegal supply chain to enforce the 18th Amendment, but it’s easier said than done. Depressed and secluded after a suspension, Prohibition Agent Johnny Quaid is sent to investigate a smuggling incident on Cape Cod. On a lonely beach, he finds tire tracks, smashed crates, and broken bottles. It’s a sure sign of a botched run, except for a ghastly splattering of blood. The case is turned upside down as Quaid searches for a missing boy, a mysterious rum-runner, and a mastermind whose treacherous business will take lives to turn a profit. → Click here to learn more.

Elridge Park (2017)

516ozrvt3clElridge Park has gone entirely unnoticed in London. It fails to appear on maps or attract the inhabitants of a busy metropolis. Some say it contains a powerful sentience to avoid humanity. At the end of the Great War in 1918, young Jacob Patterson goes to London to find his father. Dodging attacks from bloodthirsty monsters, the boy takes flight to the green space, only to be trapped inside by an invisible barrier. He meets four bizarre extraterrestrials, each marooned on Earth, now captives of the mysterious park. With the help of Sebastian, a cryptic old man, Jacob must find a way out or be trapped for eternity. Welcome to Elridge Park, a place full of wonders, dangers, and a secret that will transform the universe. → Click here to learn more.