The Space Race will never end

The Space Race was never really a challenge between superpowers, but an endless marathon for humans to exceed their limits and go beyond the dimensions of our world. Advertisements

Dawn Of Orion

I think of the Orion program as the descendant of the Apollo program. In this case, rather than shoot for the moon, we’re shooting for deep space. And this morning’s launch will be the start of a grand adventure.

All The Cool Kids Hang Out On Mars

Today is Friday. Here in New England, this is the day when we get paid and go out for fish and chips. But 226 million kilometers away, three robots are having the time of their artificial lives.

Why Doctor Who Is A Pillar of Sci-Fi

Newcomers to science fiction will learn that the art doesn’t adhere to any one theme, but a multiplex universe of human concepts easily understood in the path of exploration. Too complicated? You’ll get used to that.

Space Twins and Shiny Spaceships

For the record, my brother is a total doofus, and I’d love nothing better than to catapult him into outer space. So, you can understand my jealousy when I learned that NASA found a way to make it happen!

Will Russia Leave The ISS?

CNN is reporting a claim from a Russian source that their nation’s cosmonauts will depart the International Space Station program by 2020. Since the final Apollo mission that docked with an orbiting Russian spacecraft, we’ve enjoyed better Russo-American relations in space than planetside. Regrettably, Ukraine has placed a shadow over future space missions. I hope…

Turning Manned Aircraft Into Drones

Historically, the United States has downsized its military after major conflicts. We’re lucky enough to keep a standing army, but not one at wartime levels of manpower and equipment. So what happens if you need to fly a critical mission but don’t have the flight crew? DARPA has a simple answer preceding some very complex…

Admit it, you want drones to bring you stuff

Amazon is getting serious about drones. Did you stay up late ordering books and movies? One day, an aerial drone might show up with your merchandise. Drones will have an active role in our lives over the coming years. Some will monitor erosion patterns, others will track wildlife. Some will look for missing persons, and…

Just Another Day For Cassini: Big Water Detected Under Enceladus

Space station repairs and Martian rovers? Heck, that’s playground stuff. The spacecraft Cassini was poking around Saturn and her moons back when JPL’s wunderkinds were watching Firefly. This is one of our Top Gun explorers. The data sent from Cassini to Earth is solid gold. So what about a springtime teaser? Cassini can deliver, folks….

Navy Missile Launcher Would Take Out All The Squirrels In My Yard

When I was a kid, Nerf sold a multi-barrel rotary cannon that fired foam missiles at unsuspecting schoolyard bullies. The launcher was pretty cool. So why do I suspect that a brilliant engineer of comparable age has applied Nerf tech to the latest Navy weapons project?


I was watching the televised launch of space shuttle Challenger¬†from my fourth grade classroom the day we lost seven astronauts. The horrific explosion was only 72 seconds into launch, shockingly brief, but something a child could never forget. Today, I can only imagine the sadness shared by NASA employees and the astronauts’ dear families. This…