Pumpkin-Flavored Everything Is Far From Over

I am happiest this season thanks to Pumpkin-Flavored Everything, a mini-holiday right before Halloween. Thanks to the Wife, I shall soon sample these delicious looking pumpkin donuts and be at peace with the world.

Man Invents DIY Granola, Accepts Nobel Prize

Move aside, lesser beings! Today I achieve greatness. I will ascend a platform higher than the pillars of champions, including that three-level Ikea bookcase used for medalists at the Olympics. I have invented an easily-made form of granola for cereal and trail mix. Mind. Blown.

“Flosss” Is Neat!

I was recently gifted with “Flosss”, a major staple in Singapore and other parts of the region. It’s essentially shredded pork stamped down to a fine grain very similar in texture to sawdust. But it’s also tasty! This one has a chili flavor. I dumped some in with my hummus wrap for lunch. If anyone…

Three Cheers For The Roach Coach!

Our editorial meeting was interrupted by the sound of a ridiculous horn from the parking lot. Was it a kid on a bike or a clown car?¬† Only we knew for sure. Outside the office, a security guard leaned out of his booth and welcomed the visitor with a friendly shout. We squirmed in our…

It’s 9:34 And I Would Kill For A Hot Dog

I seldom use the verb “relish” for the distinct reason that it makes me drool for a hot dog. This is the season of the frank, my friends. This is the time of the steamer and the grill. And for those masses of vegetarians I hold out my hands in friendship with an offer of…