Spoils Of War

Vladimir Putin has committed troops to a mission of annexation, a classic Cold War play that will cause the suffering of millions … and gain him nothing.

Symptoms of Invasion

The warning signs were there. Russia’s posture at Ukraine’s door look like sabre-rattling, but loud exercises with tanks and choppers are also a pretty big sign that one country wants to invade another.

Good People Live Among Us

Given enough time, a man is likely to be worn down by all the bad news in the world today. Negative information is like liquid cement; you don’t want to get caught in it. But there are good things out there to give us hope. More accurately, there are good people out there willing to…

Ebola Is Attacking Africans

The world’s deadliest outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD) is now attacking Africans in multiple countries. Those infected need prayers and physicians, but to those left untouched by the disease, vigilance and hygiene are also required.


In many religions, a kind person is meant to do good things for the poor. Charitable acts are also known as almsgiving. In the time of Lent, Catholics are encouraged to show kindness to those who cannot provide for themselves. Pope Francis notes that “Lent is a fitting time for self-denial; we would do well…

The Chemical Ship

Chemical weapons are treated like nuclear or biological weapons. Somebody has to handle, transport, store, and dispose of them in a tidy fashion. A single mishap can be deadly, for any damage caused by such weapons is measured in kilometers. In 2013, the Syrian government surrendered its chemical armament to an allied coalition that will,…

This New Year Is Meant For Peace

The world can be grateful as this New Year takes flight. While we have seen much conflict in 2013, we have also seen two significant episodes of peace that characterize the hope and goodwill in people. There is always a chance to better ourselves, no matter the weight of our burdens.

“Find a veteran and listen to his story.”

Martin Luther King once remarked, “The bombs in Vietnam explode at home.” In many ways, that awful conflict left a sort of social damage not seen in America since the Civil War, and the soldiers who returned were changed forever. Yet this was not the first conflict to send send men home with broken minds….

A Good Deed On 9/11

Memories of September 11 come fresh to the mind today. I spent that morning with a mob of fellow reporters at Logan Airport, hours after mass murderers had done their horrible work in New York. But I am also reminded of the good deeds performed for humanity on that day. There were good people willing…