Turn, Baby, Turn!

Rediscovering the record player is a treat, especially for Christmas!

The Finish Line

I just finished my eleventh novella for National Novel Writing Month.

Are you an explorer?

One of the charming constants about our universe is that discovery is always subject to redefinition. This should never be a downer to the explorer, but a source of wonder to rekindle our spirit. Perhaps one day we will find that the human is the greatest curiosity of all.

Your next-door driver

Dodging madmen and hell-raisers in my commute has led me to revile other drivers, yet in an attempt to be drive more safely, I need to trade this notion for another: these folks are just like me.

Man Uses Swiss Army Knife, Screws Up

I miss my years in the Boy Scouts. I miss the camping, the hiking, the training, and the uniforms. I especially miss the greatest tool a Scout could ever carry—the Swiss Army Knife. My wife got me a new one for Christmas, and I’ve since used it to open boxes and cut tape. Last night,…

A Good Start For NaNoWriMo

I reached the seven thousand-word mark last night, as weariness pulled me away from my computer. After so many years having fun with National Novel Writing Month, I am conscious of a few personal habits. I’m always fast out of the gate in word count but tend to slow down by mid-November. I am terrible…

Need A Story Idea For NaNoWriMo?

For fellow writers in a crunch for National Novel Writing Month, I am now offering free story ideas. They are yours to handle, but hey, if you strike it rich, just tell the good people where you found your story! None of that “While I was on the john” or “It came to me in…